The United Colors of Julia Sarr-Jamois / by Maya Alexis

Yes, you, in the color, pattern and texture, looking not like a child running amuck in her mom’s closet and more like the oracle of personal style.

Her photos read like a textbook for figuring it out, while doubling as a puzzling guide to the incapability of cribbing her unparalleled style.

Did that facial decor come from a costume shop? Did that shoulder-slung sack come from Céline? Is it high end? High street? Something you repurposed from a dress-up box?

Nevermind where your garden grows, what does your closet look like? Is it organized by color, allowing you to be summoned by the rainbow collective on a daily basis? Or is it prioritized by event, the glitzy, detailed frocks clanging together whenever one is plucked off the rod to be taken out for a night on the town.

And even with a face so beautiful, hair so voluminous, legs so long, skin so glowing, it’s like staring into an eclipse. - from Man Reppeller