at the Geffen / by Maya Alexis

Tomorrow, June 28, 2015 is the last day to check out William Pope L. Trinket.

"Installed in the soaring spaces of The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA< the exhibition explores the impact of American history and politics on the social and psychological body in an ensemble grouping got large-scale installations, videos, paintings, photography, and performing works, including a new performance and sculpture work made especially for the exhibition." -MOCA


One installation (above) consists of hundreds of decorated onions, it even has all of the less practical elements (rotting, growth, bugs, and odors) you could expect from a thousand painted vegetables sitting out for four months. I saw the exhibition in May and can only imagine the progressions of the rotting onions as different for every wave of visitors. The oozing brown liquid, the smell of the rotting onions, and the clusters of dead bugs both trigger new senses and arouse responses we don't often see, feel, or smell in museums settings. 

Be sure to check out the video installation on the second floor: a stair case, a mirrored pit, and one screen make up this psychedelic film. The 5 minute loop of random footage coupled with a kaleidoscope effect is reminiscent of some of Flying Lotus' videos. (You could always just skip downtown's parking drama and just watch FlyLo videos )

 William Pope's L Trinket will be up at the Geffen until June 28!!