Antique Hustle / by Maya Alexis

Due to a late night and this morning's lemonade explosion I had only 33 minutes to spend at the Alameda Point Antiques Fair.

I was greeted by the stunning backdrop of San Francisco's silhouette, the Golden Gate, the Bay bridge, and the dinosaurs. 

Closet Shopping

Closet Shopping

I took all my photos on this camera I found in mums closet yesterday.. So you'll have to wait to see what the fair looked like... if I put the film in correctly. For now I can show you what I wore and the things I picked up 


This Vintage Men's denim shirt was from about 50 feet from where this photo is taken. (at the  Alameda Vintage Fashion Fair)

The suede crop top is probably from brandy. 

These shorts. (surprise!) are actually part of a two piece set.. that was once a dress are from my lover, American Vintage.  

da hat is goorin brothers (the cute guy that sold me the hat was also spotted at the fair) and da bag is my book bag from highschool (Madewell).

Rare Finds Ahead

This camera was 15 dollars.

I had $12.31 in cash and spent three whole minutes digging for spare change. Eventually the beardy Berkeley native laughed and told me to put the camera in my bag and to enjoy the fair. 



On a mad dash/awkward fast walk back to the car a "we accept cards" surrounded by a bazillion colors caught my eye.

I explored the thousands of different shapes and sizes as quickly as possible. All I remember of the name is that it has monkey in it.. I'll get back to you on that one. The key words from that conversation: hand painted, cow, laser cut, steel, and amazing.



I rushed to pick out the most unique whatever you call these and quickly hobbled (rock in my shoe) to my hooptie.

Fortunately I am familiar with the art of changing clothes, shoes, and hair while driving. A few swerves and ridiculous lane changes later I made it to work!!!  with two whole minutes to spare!