Sarah Cain at Honor Fraiser / by Maya Alexis

2622 South La Cienaga Boulevard, 

Los Angeles, CA, 90034


Must see! Sarah Cain's solo show Bow Down is located right next door to the gallery where I work. During my lunch break, I ran in to see the exhibition. The pieces were breath-taking, bold, and innovative to say the least. 

Honor Fraiser’s gallery is about four times the size of the average gallery and frankly Sarah Cain's exhibition shits on most of the work I've seen lately. The bright white walls and the abundance of natural light really give her pieces character and create the illusion of a glow around the gallery. At the core of her giant abstract installations are bright and bold colors as well as recycled materials. 

Honor Fraser Gallery, 2622 S. La Cienega Blvd., Culver City, (310) 837-0191, through July 11. Closed Sun. and Mon. 

Meet and Greet/Juxtapoz Sarah Cain