Art Openings in LA: July 28, 2015 - August 1, 2015 / by Maya Alexis

Featuring the work of 47 photographers, painters, and graphic designers, hot in here sheds light on artists who Adi feels are often excluded from or tokenized in the more established gallery scene. "Too often, exhibitions exclusively feature male artists, and when they do so, nobody asks the curator why he chose to show the work of forty-seven men," Adi said. "With this show, we wanted to disrupt and question that -- to compel work as the products of talented, young artists first, and women second." emily manning.

 "L.A.'s Coolest Feminist Art Exhibit" - *Hot in here sunday summer show *hot in here* sunday summer show

Sunday - 4308 Burns Ave, Los Angeles, California 90029 Open Until Aug 5

*or if you're just feeling the fuschia

Honor Fraser has done it again with this jumbo instillation by Victoria Fu. Featuring neon drawings, video, and oscillating projections across three great rooms of their gallery; Victoria Fu explores the virtual space of moving images and our haptic engagement with digital images." She has incorporated internet clips and 16 mm film in conjunction with the various electronic media "to address the physical and visual experience of digital images and touch screens. 

10AM — 6PM

Victoria Fu's solo exhibition will be open until August 27, 2015. Be sure to stop by Honor Fraser as well as the gallery next door, (you'll probably see me working). 

We had an amazing opening for our newest group show at the gallery I intern. My dad came all the way from San Franisco. He asked me questions like, "and how does cost $12,000?" and "is this made of coat hangers?" The artist list includes my crush Klaus Dauven, Chris Engman | Fatherless | Heyward Hart | Anne Guro Larsmon | Kevin Cooley & Phillip Andrew Lewis | neverhitsend | Emily Shanahan | Colin Patrick Smith |They Are Here | Samira Yamin | Curated by Ann Harezlak 

Our verbose press release begins with...  "The ephemeral as archivable (material or process) reveals physicality, authority and locality – manifesting as indexable with constructed permanence. Hierarchies of temporality, fashioned by aesthetic considerations, when valued within a common architecture commence an Archive: a topography produced through reframing but also regeneration." - Ann Harezlak ... all you really need to know is that the show is about the significance and variation within 'the archive.'

This unique show features two sonic pieces, three videos (silent, vhs, and LED) three interactive pieces, and one live printing performance. Check this show out at the Sonce Alexander Gallery. 2634 S La Cienega Blvd Open Tues - Sat 10 - 6. Open until August 31