Read: The Outsider Art Fair ft. / by Maya Alexis

In June, I met up with one of my high school art teachers. He excitedly  described his most recent project as he shared the New York Times Art Review explaining his collaboration at the Outsider Art Fair. 

"Also new to this fair is the “curated space” of Baumann & Muksian, organized by Daniel Baumann, the curator of the 2013 Carnegie International, and the San Francisco artist Aram Muksian. Drawings of muscular female wrestlers by the Ohio recluse Lewis Smith on brown paper bags, ink and scrapings on vintage magazines from the Mexican tattoo artist Dr. Lakra, and collages that abound with formulas and pentagrams by the Californian metaphysical researcher John Urho Kemp have been installed on wallpaper by Sarah Lucas." 

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