Solano Ave. by Maya Alexis

Toro Y Moi Boo Boo Mobile, Ambient Rainbow, Want ft(Washed Out) off of the Samatha mixtape Starring: Yung Yaki , Camille Lepen Directed by: Sagan Lockhart, Chaz Bundick, Josh Terris Edited by: Sagan Lockhart, Sage Caswell

graphic design: a different side of the bpp by Maya Alexis

I've written a few papers investigating the effects of the Black Panther media for two different courses. I relied almost entirely on primary sources, specifically the online archive of BPP publications (@SUSANBOGAS).

This past June, a video titled "the Man Behind the Art of the Black Panther Party," was released. This film exposed some of the history behind the critical publications. The narrator discusses the creative and graphic design elements of the articles; illuminating the actual art components of the publications. Emory Douglous is  responsible for the poignant illustrations and type faces that define the Black Panthers 

"The production company Dress Code used archival footage and conversations with Douglas to share his story alongside the rise and fall of the Panthers. 'My art is about enlightening and informing people about issues,' he says in the film. 'We were creating the culture—the culture of resistance, the culture of defiance, the culture of self-determination."

Catsup: Takashi Murakami by Maya Alexis


"... For the past fifteen years, his artistic concept of “Superflat” has transcended the art world from East to West, from high fashion to attainable, from fancy galleries to vending machines. The concept of Superflat is very much Takashi’s way of compressing high and low cultures together to create an inspiring irony that is art." More on Takashi

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The new commercial celebrating Vans x Murakami Collaboration