graphic design: a different side of the bpp by Maya Alexis

I've written a few papers investigating the effects of the Black Panther media for two different courses. I relied almost entirely on primary sources, specifically the online archive of BPP publications (@SUSANBOGAS).

This past June, a video titled "the Man Behind the Art of the Black Panther Party," was released. This film exposed some of the history behind the critical publications. The narrator discusses the creative and graphic design elements of the articles; illuminating the actual art components of the publications. Emory Douglous is  responsible for the poignant illustrations and type faces that define the Black Panthers 

"The production company Dress Code used archival footage and conversations with Douglas to share his story alongside the rise and fall of the Panthers. 'My art is about enlightening and informing people about issues,' he says in the film. 'We were creating the culture—the culture of resistance, the culture of defiance, the culture of self-determination."

The Broad by Maya Alexis

Mark your calendars for September 20, 2015, we'll be celebrating the opening of Downtown LA’s newest museum. “The Broad will be home to one of the most prominent and important collections of postwar and contemporary art.” Its private collection includes works from an extensive list of artists including Jeff Koons, Jean Micheal Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Mark Bradford, and Andreas Gursky.

"The vault is enveloped by the “veil,” a porous, exterior structure that spans across the block-long building and provides filtered natural daylight. The museum’s “veil” lifts at the corners, welcoming visitors into an active lobby. The public is then drawn upwards via escalator, tunneling through the vault, arriving onto nearly an acre of column-free gallery space bathed in diffuse light. The gallery has 23-foot- high ceilings, and the roof is supported by 7-foot-deep steel girders. Departure from the third floor gallery space is a return trip through the vault via a winding central stair that offers glimpses into the vast holdings of the collection." - the broad

Honey Comb Interior (also visible from exterior)

Honey Comb Interior (also visible from exterior)

We are so excited about the building's natural design elements like the outdoor plaza and gardens. The incorporation of natural light and the porous nature of the museum channel light into the galleries and even allow visitors to view into archive storage from various locations.

Check out the museums twitter for updates on the construction, art, and opening events. Hope to see you there! 

Carly Rae by Maya Alexis


I've been working at a contemporary art gallery here in La for almost a month. Last week one of our resident artists, Carla, joined us for lunch. As always my boss made some gross concoction, cold organic Avocado soup with garlic and lemon. 

These archival pigment prints by Carla Jay Harris demonstrate much of her trademark style: dramatic contrast, heavy saturation, and abstract compositions. Her collaboration of concentrated sunlight and use of office equipment really capture the sadness, emptiness, and ghostly presence of many corporate office buildings (or at least the Oakland Caltrans building). Harris' very rare* and intimate prints will be on view at our gallery later this year. Check back here for more images and information about Carla's solo show this October.

Fuchsia Feature by Maya Alexis


Paris Photo May 2014

Check out some of his work at the Gusford Gallery's new space opening this fall.